Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lesley's Nature Watch - Promises of Things to Come

These Daffodils have been in flower in my garden for 3 weeks, but they are the exception. I have hundreds more that are only a few inches high with tight buds. However, the signs of the approach of Spring are all around: The Catkins have dropped on the Hazel trees. The aparently naked branches on the winter trees are, on closer inspection, covered with tiny buds, some already showing green. A few weeks ago, the only birdsong was the bitter-sweet tune of a lonely Robin somewhere. Now he is joined by joyous sounds of chirpy Great Tits, melodious Blackbirds & many more. Last week I saw my first Celandine of the year.
Yes, Spring is still a distance away but, as with walking in Brittany, every step of the journey is as delightful as the final arrival.

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WM said...

Great post, Lesley. I saw my first primrose (2 little flowers) in a river meadow today. Spring is here.