Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lesley's Nature Watch - Love is in the Air...

...quite literally as I witnessed this week when a pair of Goldfinches flew vertically up from a gorse bush, beak to beak & breast to breast. This image was made more bizarre by the fact that one of the birds was holding a twig in his beak. I then noticed that Magpies, Crows & Rooks everywhere are flying around with twigs in their beaks.
I just had to go to Cap Frehel, one of my favorits 'birding' spots. Already the Guillemots have started to gather, the first Kittiwakes are mewing & the Shags are nesting...see photo. Brittany is the most southerly nesting place for Guillemots & Razorbills & also boasts France's largest nesting colony, at Sept Isles, of Gannets.

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