Monday, August 31, 2009

Forest walking

Autumn is definitely in the air, and the best place for walking in autumn is probably one of the beautiful forests of Brittany. From the Forest of Fougères in the east to the Forest of Cranou in the west, there are many options to choose from. In most places you can keep to well-made paths, but there are also tiny unmarked tracks and steeper gradients for the more adventurous.
A recommendation: why not try a day out in the Foret de Paimpont, otherwise known as Broceliande, fabled forest of Arthurian legend (allegedly). Here there are more than twenty circuits, from a simple one hour stroll starting from the ancient abbey by the lake in Paimpont, to a more demanding 8kms in the ominously named Valley of No Return, leaving from the village of Tréhorenteuc. You can also see Merlin's tomb and the Fountain of Youth, and the strangely named megalith, Le Tombeau des Anglais.

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