Monday, November 16, 2015


BWs' luck with the weather held on our last walk today. After a rainy morning we had a dry afternoon for a gentle perambulation in the forest around the Roche cintrée and along the Argent valley to the Chaos in Huelgoat. Tex was definitely Dog of the Day. Long-standing members joined me for lunch beforehand to celebrate all our many walks and the friendship we have found together. Thanks to everyone, those who could only stay for lunch, those who walked afterwards and to many absent friends, epsecially Kay and Steve and Lesley and Derek, who were in my thoughts today. Eleven years is a long time to have explored Brittany together, and I will never forget all the fun, laughter and cheerful spirit which have made it all worth while. Not goodbye, but au revoir until some new adventures in 2016.


Unknown said...

Would love to join one of your walks, how do I find out before? Thanks.

BWs said...

Sorry, this was the last walk today. Next year there will be courses and a short break but no walks. email to be on the mailing list for any events I arrange.