Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fab picnic

Brittany Walks has always been noted for the quality of its party food and today was no exception - thanks to all for producing wonderful savoury and sweet things to eat. Very sorry I forgot to take a picture of the spread :-( Too busy eating. Also sorry that not everyone could stay for the walk, which was a most enjoyable stroll down the coast to Térénez where we had drinks at a bar by the beach before returning to St Samson. Luck of BWs held for the weather. Pebble was Dog of the Day, despite getting close to another Black Star at one point....
I would like to thank everyone for coming today and include all those who couldn't be there because of holidays/visitors in general thanks for another year of great walking. Brittany Walks is indeed fortunate in its following, and I am very grateful to you all for your good humour and good company.
Picture by Judith - Fleur waiting for lunch to start!

Picture by Judith - walking off lunch

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