Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cornish interlude

BWs has been in Cornwall exploring the Saints Way walking trail in relation to a new project coming soon in Brittany. The path runs from Padstow to Fowey, suggesting a route that Dark Age saints may have used in their journeys from Wales and Ireland to Brittany, thereby avoiding the rough seas around Lands End. Highlights of the route include the lonely height of Helman Tor, shown below. There was also time to visit the Tristan stone (photo above), a well-known 'document' for the early history of both Cornwall and Brittany, with its reference to Conomor. The combination of historical interest, impressive landscapes and beautiful Cornish lanes ripe with spring flowers showed off the Saints Way to full advantage.

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Betsy, Ivory Rose and Tusker said...

just passing through...can't go wrong walking!! looks like beautiful countryside!