Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It was a small but enthusiastic group of people (& dogs) that gathered this afternoon by the church at Gouezec under a cloudless azure sky. We had a lot of uphill walking to start with, but it was worthwhile as we passed by fields & woodlands along footpaths lined with so many Foxgloves. All the time we were catching tantalizing glimpses of the views stretching out below us. Everywhere was a lush green, inspite of the dry weather.
We reached the crescendo as we climbed to the top of Carreg an tan . This is Breton for Roche du feu in French & Fire rock in english.
With her great knowlege of Breton history, Wendy described for us how, at this very spot, in the 10th centuary, a beacon was lit to send warnings about Viking raids along the Alune Valley.
We sat for a while,taking in the magnificent view as several butterflies danced in the air around us.
Finally we decended along more woodland & fieldside footpaths & returned to the car park.
Thank you Wendy, on behalf of all of us,for anothr memorable afternoon.
Dog of the Dsy:- JAKE for his absolute dedication to his duties as Stick Monitor.

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