Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breton Landscape

We had a great walk yesterday - and great luck with the weather too, only a few drops near the beginning. Lots of people came to hear Yves Marhic give a most enjoyable presentation of the basics of Breton language, and Breton place names in detail. These included settlement words and the vocabulary of the landscape as we made our way through the attractive environment of Lannedern. We won't forget Reunamoic - Little Pigs' Hill. Everyone managed to participate in a noun/adjective matching game when we reached the Chapelle de la Croix in the woods, before strolling back to the lovely parish close in Lannedern.
We are very grateful to Yves for sharing a little of his extensive knowledge with us on this walk, and making it all so interesting and relevant to our surroundings. Anyone with further questions about Breton place names can reach Yves via and he will be happy to answer. A written summary of topics covered on our walk will be available at the party (July 30), or by email on request.

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