Friday, May 1, 2009

Walk next week - Tuesday 5 May 2.30pm

We have a 6km walk at the Gorges du Toul Goulic next Tuesday (Please note the seasonal change of start time to 2.30pm.) This is a very beautiful, tranquil route through woodland and alongside the granite chaos of the upper Blavet river and feeder streams. No difficulties except mud in places - short stretches of the paths were very muddy when checked last week, so appropriate footwear is needed.
We meet in a parking area opposite the water-treatment works on the D87 just west of the hamlet of St-Antoine, which in turn is 3kms west of the village of Lanrivain. St-Antoine is currently being renovated to function as a chanvrière, devoted to products made from hemp - from clothes to building insulation! In addition to some fine old houses, there is a chapel and a bar/shop. It is possible to continue from the parking up to the barrage (see above) and through the woods to this hamlet to extend the main walk.

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