Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tro Breiz

Brittany Walks association has a new project for 2009. Members, plus friends, are going to walk the 600kms of the Tro Breiz around Brittany. This famous journey, popular in the Middle Ages and revived in recent years, connects the seven cathedrals of the seven founding saints: St-Pol, St-Tugdual (Treguier) St-Brieuc, St-Malo, St-Samson (Dol), St-Patern (Vannes) and St-Corentin (Quimper). Each little group will walk their own chosen section of the route and contribute the fruits of their travels to a joint ongoing blog and a potential future publication. If anyone is interested in getting involved with this, please contact us on with Tro Breiz in the subject line.


Bynbrynman said...

Did you know that five out of the seven founding Saints were born in Wales.

WM said...
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WM said...

Yes, we do know that, thanks. I am Welsh too, by the way! (This comment deleted in error first time round)