Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meet the Members (2)

Joan & John Cundy

Both of us, Joan and John, in our youth, spent happy holidays in France, before we ever met and then again after our marriage. Our real “love-affair with France” began in 1984, when in January, John was invited to join a multinational company in Paris. On the 8th of June, I was offered a position with the same company. In six-short-weeks, I left the job I loved in Leeds, sold our house in Harrogate, kennelled our two dogs and joined John in Paris. By the 13th of August we were “En-Franced”.
In the wonderful years that followed, our walking was in two parts. One: the pavements of Paris, hard on our soles and glorious on our souls. We found ourselves entertaining business, family and friend visitors, frequently. Our love of the history and culture of France meant that our poor visitors were subjected – to it all.
Two: the forest of St Germain, north of Paris, where we had chosen to live and which our dogs adored, having forgiven us for removing them from their beloved Yorkshire. The Autumn and Winter walks hold special memories as the dogs, Highland Rough Collies, preferred these seasons.
Many more joyful years passed between Paris and the Vendee, where we walked the beaches of La Tranche sur Mer, also adored by the dogs, all that sea, sand and space; before we returned to the UK and new careers. The love-affair continued during many holidays in various parts of France. In 2005, retirement brought us to Brittany. Our need to learn the history of the region was ever present. Thus, one fine day John remarked, to me,
Joan – What’s this? – “Brittany Walks” ...
Following many wonderful walks, I can reply ...
This Brittany Walks is: delightful people and their delightful dogs; it’s fun and it’s learning; it’s being in open space, shrouded woods, wild and wonderful coast, warm walled cities, all with the very best of guided knowledge and ... scrummy cake.

Joan Cundy

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