Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Autumn Study Days - find out and have fun

Brittany Heritage Services will be offering three study days this autumn:

How to Read a Breton Church will give you all you need to understand churches and chapels around Brittany (and be able to give your friends and visitors impressive guided tours!). We'll cover basics of architecture and statuary in the morning, then go out for some practical work.

Britons in Brittany will look at some historical connections between Great Britain and Little Britain, covering culture, trade and conflict. This will provide a lot of insight into Brittany's past and reveal some surprising cross-Channel links.

Understanding Brittany will be a simple guide to the key events and issues that have led to Brittany's distinctive development, also giving a clearer perception of the region today.

The location for these study days will be Huelgoat, and there are only limited places for each one, so think of booking early (discount) for these lively and stimulating events! Details of dates and prices are on the Brittany Walks website ( or

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