Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wet Tuesday prevents view of America

18 mad people enjoyed a very wet day in Pays Bigouden, and insisted on completing the full programme, plus an unscheduled lighthouse - despite the weather (admittedly it was either that or eat lettuce). We had a delicious lunch - al fresco pluvioso - thanks to everyone bringing along such nice things to eat. Even the dogs were thoughtfully provided with cheese sandwiches of home-made bread, courtesy of Barbara. We had a drink in a bar - scorning the wimpy indoor area and sitting outside (OK, under cover). And a drive-in cake and juice service was provided later in the afternoon - memorable contributions from Jean. All this, plus a good walk by the estuary, a famous historic spot, the oldest calvaire in Brittany, the Finistere archaeology museum, a lovely (saturated) beach, the Black Rocks at St-Guenolé with surging Atlantic ocean and the Phare Eckmuhl. Who cares about a bit of rain?

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