Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something different

Something for those who like to listen to period music in appropriate settings. Members who came on the Quimper walk last year will remember the remarkable Romanesque church of Locmaria (above) near the river. If you are interested in hearing one of the greatest English composer's work performed here, the festival of "Purcell in Cornouaille" includes a concert in the church (on Friday June 26th at 8.30pm), which will also explore connections between Purcell and Gershwin.
There is another concert in the series at Ergue-Gaberic near Quimper on Tuesday June 30th at 8.30pm - a rare chance to hear the organ (see above) built by Englishman Thomas Dallam in the 17th century.
The artistic director of this project is Claude Hermann. For tickets and further information, phone 02 98 52 02 63.

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