Saturday, May 30, 2009

"A Wonderful Prize" (Treasure Hunt)

We are delighted that BWs members Nicky and John enjoyed their Treasure Hunt prize.

"First a huge thank you for two perfect days at Hotel de la Baie des Trepasses. When we won the first prize, we were so amazed that it took a few days to sink in! So.......the highlights ....obviously the hotel itself, in its glorious setting, with its helpful, smiling staff. The views from the bedroom window. The superb food - where I thought I had died and gone to 'fish heaven'. I am not a great 'sea' person like John (too many rough channel crossings!) but that was changed here. We spent hours just watching the differences in colour, speed and mood of the sea. The first evening the waves were eau de nil, later larger, and more intense, becoming a creme de menthe frappe ( not that I've had one, just seen it served!) The next day the horizon was slate grey, but, nearer the sea line, a paintbrush of blue had been dipped into it, creating a warmer colour, which ended in green and white crested waves edging the shore....beautiful. The Pointe du Raz, Pointe du Van, Cap de la Chevre, Pointe du Millier, Pointe de Dinan and Pointe d'Espagnol....who could not fail to be stirred by their magnificence. The Ile de Seine like a little flat crepe, but so full of history, and you would have to be brave just to live there! The hamlet of Rostudel, charming and straight out of a history book. The Peninsula de Labyrinthe for its entertainment value, (and our determination to beat the usual one hour to finish!) So, as you can see we had a wonderful time, and some very happy memories!"

Nicky and John Bolton

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