Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Huelgoat walk

This week, there was a choice of two walks, one for those who preferred a shorter, slower ramble, and a longer walk at a faster pace for those who wanted to stretch themselves! Seventeen people set off briskly to begin their challenge and then fourteen of us left the meeting point for the leisurely stroll through the 'Chaos' and the Forest at Huelgoat. We passed over the bridge at the scenic wild boars drinking pool and crept by King Arthur, sleeping in his Grotto. We then began the climb up to Le Camp d'Artus, the site said to be from the first and most ancient town in Finistere. At that point, we paused in the sunshine for a much needed rest, drinks and cakes (described as 'orgasmic' by one contented walker!). We then continued mainly downhill (though some would dispute this!!) to meet up with the other group who had just completed their longer 'fast and furious' march. We finished at La Roche Tremblante, though despite many valiant attempts, it refused to tremble on this occasion, maybe next time.......?

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